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"I drink to separate my body from my soul."

- Oscar Wilde (via daydreamdelusion)

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Rock Quotes

French Fries – Two Ways

"You cannot expect victory and plan for defeat."

- Joel Osteen (via observando)


Susane Colasanti, When It Happens

John Green, Looking for Alaska

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what r u trying to do lil partner

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"She had a mind like a box of fireworks and hands that played recklessly with matches."


Michael Faudet 

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Cecelia Ahern, The Time of My Life

We don’t learn to love each other well in the easy moments. 
Anyone is good company during happy moments,
But love is born when we argue and make it right anyway,
When we fight and cry the whole night,
When we show up uninvited with
a dream catcher and chocolates, 
in an effort to say ‘I’m sorry and I love you.’

I’m sorry for quarreling with you over sad issues.
I’m sorry for being rude.
I’m sorry for making you think that I’m taking you for granted. 
I’m sorry it’s so hard to be with me. 
I’m sorry if I ever hurt you. 
I’m sorry for not being who you think I’ll be or the best lover
but I do love you, baby.

All of you and your demons.